It was such an amazing experience being in a touring band just out of high school: Alter/Ego - I am in the one middle.
Opening up for major acts like Glass Tiger, The Psychedelic Furs and many more was mind blowing.  The river was running so quick we could not see it happening.
I loved playing at The House of Blues, Disney, Pleasure Island, and in all the old cool clubs of Orlando... remember Barbarella's on Orange Avenue? Or Decades on Park Ave?  We also played hundreds of proms, shows, and local gigs, and Spring Breaks in Daytona.  
We were spoiled to in our development, and it was because of so many people that we became quite large in Orlando, Florida in the late 80's.  Bare with me as I am getting back into Blogging after my stroke.



Lisa Rogers-Orozco
02/20/2014 4:41pm

I remember these days so well! I must say, what I pride the most with the music during this time is that it was made from the heart and by skill, not altered by technology. True talent!

03/17/2014 9:05pm

Too funny that you guys are doing this! I was just watching a video online of my old buddy Cooper, a.k.a. "Matt" back in the day, and decided to search for Alter Ego online. I remember watching you all perform on Wall Street, when it was just a dead-end street venue, at J.J. Whispers for Resurrection in the early 90's, and when the band changed names, and Kelly left/was dating Wendy and I ran into Dave, doing his early Bowie gig,at the Hard Rock at Downtown Disney. . . I think the name was "Pluge" then? I laughed when I saw the "Black and White" reference since I used to actually have that on cassette tape, which is pretty funny. I hope that you all are doing well and happy! Peace out!

03/17/2014 9:11pm

My comments are not showing, but I am happy to hear that you are doing well, and I find it interesting that you and Cooper/Matt are working toward the same goal in your own distinct ways... Have peace and be well.

Karen Wellman
09/15/2016 6:34am

My brother and I were preteens when we first met y'all at wet n wild. We were so into the group y'all being so amazing. Especially being younge I thought I was in love with y'all. Well of course I had my pick, but becides that the fact that y'all being younge and talanted and doing what y'all loved was awesome to us. My brother and I shared a lot of experiences like this before he passes 12 years ago but y'all were the most impact on us. Thanks for you doing what u do. K.M.W.B.

Ronnie Bell
11/01/2016 5:10am

You guys were great, I've tried to find another copy of album. No luck

Shannon Briggs
05/07/2017 1:25pm

I remember this band well... I saw you guys several times and remember hanging out with Kelly a few times.


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